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Paper Towel Dispensers

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A/C Adapter - 710-Adapter  by
A/C Adapter - 710-Adapter by
Item #: JU-710-Adapter - A/C Adapter for the Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers Models 71001 & 71002 Many customers have inquired asking if our electric paper towel dispensers can be hard wired.  The direct answer is no.  However, you could ask your electrician to recess the wall plug or...
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    Price: $26.25

    Bobrick Surface-Mounted Roll Towel Dispenser - Model B-2860
    Item #: B-2860 - Bobrick Surface-Mounted Roll Towel Dispenser - Model B-2860 Satin-finish stainless steel. Top of cabinet equipped with tumbler lock. Touch-Free pull towel mechanism. Dispenses 12" (305mm) length of economical, non-perforated, universal paper towels....
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      Price: $242.80

      Bobrick ClassicSeries™ Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser - Model B-359
      Item #: B-359 - Bobrick ClassicSeries™ Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser - Model B-359 Satin-finish stainless steel. Seamless beveled flange. Dispenses 350 C-fold or 475 multifold towels. Door equipped with full-length stainless steel piano-hinge at bottom. Door swings down for easy...
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        Price: $85.05

        Bobrick ClassicSeries™ Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser - Model B-262
        Item #: B-262 - Bobrick ClassicSeries™ Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser - Model B-262 Satin-finish stainless steel. Dispenses 400 C-fold or 525 multifold towels measuring 3-1/8" to 3-13/16" (79-97mm) deep without adjustment or adapters. Door has tumbler lock and piano-hinge. Cabinet...
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          Price: $37.46

          Products 1-4 of 4

          Selecting a Paper Towel Dispenser

          Selecting the best paper towel dispenser for your restrooms is easy once you consider a few important factors. ADA compliance might be your first concern. Our paper towel dispensers, installed correctly, are ADA compliant. Another factor to consider before you purchase your paper towel dispenser is overall cost - * Tip: It is generally much less expensive over time to purchase your own paper towel dispensers and paper towels than to enter into a contract with a supplier, even if the supplier offers you "free" paper towel dispensers. Paper towel dispensers are relatively inexpensive. The "free" dispensers will be paid for by you many times over in mark-ups in the cost of your paper contract. Paper towel dispensers now come in touch-free or manual- pull and dispense either paper roll or folded sheets. The touch free paper towel dispensers offer added sanitary protection by eliminating hand transferred germ and virus cross contamination. Touch-free paper towel dispensers are preferred by restaurant patrons and are especially important in kitchens and restrooms used by food preparation employees and in hospitals or other patient care facilities. Manual pull paper towel dispensers however can be less expensive, do not need batteries or an AC/DC Adapter and are less susceptible to malfunction. Your particular business clientele might be an issue in your choice of paper towel dispensers. Paper towel dispensers in some establishments - like bars and night clubs and schools - need to be very durable. Our selections of paper towel dispensers are housed in either heavy duty stainless steel or hard- to- destroy ABS plastic. Most paper-roll paper towel dispensers will also give you the option of adjusting paper length as protection from over zealous paper towel pullers. Our automatic paper towel dispensers include lighted indicators to alert you if the battery is low or the sensor is not functioning properly. Additionally, transparent (smoke) housings on some models allow you to easily see when it is time to refill the paper towel dispenser. Each of our paper towel dispensers will accept almost all paper product brands and dispense common paper sizes. Our automatic paper towel dispensers operate on 4 D batteries or with an AC/DC Adapter or can be hard wired. Our manual paper towel dispensers, either pull towel or C-fold (475 or 525 towel), are available in recessed or wall mount, are heavy- duty satin finish stainless steel, for maximum corrosion resistance and durability, and have tamper resistant tumbler locks. Regardless of which paper towel dispenser you choose, our commitment to quality assures you are purchasing the highest quality, lowest maintenance paper towel dispensers available.

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