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Automatic vs. Touch Soap Dispensers

There are few debates more prominent in the professional cleaning industry than automatic versus touch soap dispensers. While there are many advantages to choosing hands-free technology for your high-traffic facilities, manual soap dispensers are still regularly installed depending on the core type of end users. Unlike paper towel dispensers, consumers are less likely to prioritize automatic soap dispensers over touch soap dispensers because they touch soap dispensers prior to washing their hands. However, there are disadvantages to both types of models that any business owner should consider before making a final investment decision. In this automatic versus touch soap dispensers comparison, we analyze the key advantages and disadvantages to choosing either in addition to the limitations of distinct designs, including operational requirements, materials, costs, and more.

Automatic soap dispensers are highly preferred in commercial restrooms because of their modern appearance, easy installation, and the convenience of standardized hand soap doses. Best of all, automatic soap dispensers eliminate a common contact point where microbes and disease-causing bacteria can be transferred to hundreds or thousands of hands. Disadvantages to choosing automatic soap dispensers include limited battery life, expendable costs of replenishing batteries, and the appeal of potential vandalism.

Manual soap dispensers, on the other hand, are typically more affordable than their automatic counterparts. Although automatic dispensers deliver a controlled amount of hand soap to each user, this standardization can cause confusion. Restroom patrons will not always know where the soap dispenses from, and this confusion can cause an increase in soap waste due to user error. As documented in an article provided by the American Society for Microbiology, studies show that adding soap to a partially empty soap dispenser can lead to bacterial contamination of the soap, regardless of whether your restroom contains automatic or touch soap dispensers.

According to Global Soap Project, a nonprofit organization that works to improve global health through access to soap and hygiene education, at least 2.6 million bars of soap are discarded daily by the hotel industry in the United States alone. The dispute between automatic versus touch soap dispensers should come down to one primary goal: sustainable hygiene. If you have any questions about this product comparison or need help finding the right solution for your facility’s unique restroom, please contact a member of the team so we may provide the information or assistance you need.

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