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Bobrick Manufacturer Information

As the owner or operator of a facility with public amenities, it is important for you to distinguish the leading brands in commercial restroom accessories so that you can make the most informative and sensible investments for your commercial washroom and the comfort of your guests. In this article, we will review Bobrick manufacturer information. Headquartered in North Hollywood, CA with six manufacturing divisions across the United States and Canada, Bobrick has grown as a manufacturing leader in washroom accessories and partitions. They are a privately-owned family business that offers and supplies a wide selection of bathroom fixtures, including waste receptacles, soap dispensers, mirrors, hand dryers, sanitary napkin vendors, grab bars, Koala Kare child care products, shower accessories, and so much more.

Although Bobrick was originally founded in 1906 as an effort to supply industrial chemical cleaners in the wake of west coast earthquakes and other devastations, the company began garnering a reputation for quality with the release of their recessed stainless steel multi-purpose washroom units. Today, they offer several product divisions that are LEED and EPA-compliant. Operating cost reduction, tax advantages, social responsibility, positive public relations, and contributions to LEED Certification Program are all of Bobrick’s motivations in creating a more ecologically conscious line of products and accessories that are made from approximately 50 to 70 percent stainless steel and robust fabrication for lasting quality to reduce replacement cycles. Particular products that are designed to conserve paper or reduce waste by complying with the US EPA Reduce and Reuse Resource Conservation Initiative are marked with Bobrick’s green leaf symbol.

In combination with Koala Kare child care products, Bobrick’s products are engineered to meet the latest accessibility requirements for wall protrusion, mounting heights, reach, and operational guidelines. All products meet or exceed the suggested installation and accessibility regulations set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Furthermore, many of Bobrick’s products are made in America and comply with the requirements mandated by the Buy America Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Buy American Provision, and other important trade agreements. If you have any questions about this review of Bobrick manufacturer information and products, please contact today. An experienced member of our team can help you find the best solutions and accessories for your public restroom.

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