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Choosing Toilet Tissue Dispensers

The type of establishment you own and operate will play a large factor in the choosing the best toilet tissue dispensers for your facility. The process of choosing requires careful consideration of the traffic you expect your restroom to experience, how often your restroom will be cleaned, as well as what kind of available space your restroom has to accommodate the different models of dispensers. Whether you are interested in installing open or enclosed toilet paper dispensers, your decision will determine the cost of your investment, how easy the dispenser material is to clean, and how much toilet paper you allow your customers or employees to use.

Capacity is paramount in choosing the best toilet tissue dispensers for your establishment. If you manage a small office, an open toilet paper dispenser may work best due to low traffic and limited refill needs. If you manage a busy restaurant, rest stop, or another facility that welcomes hundreds or thousands of patrons per day, an enclosed toilet tissue dispenser may be best to keep up with the demand. There are two primary sizes of dispensers: standard and jumbo. Commercial jumbo toilet tissue dispensers are available in single, double or quad roll capacities. Although these are typically more expensive than open toilet paper dispensers, they are more sanitary and feature translucent covers so you can easily view the remaining paper levels before needing to refill.

Another consideration is the installation process that makes the most ergonomic sense for your available space. Common configurations include recessed, surface-mounted, and partition-mounted toilet paper dispensers.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suggests that some large rolls may be too large to install below a grab bar and remain compliant. Most toilet tissue dispensers must be installed at 18 inches, minimum, above the finish floor to remain accessible and within reach without obstruction.

Choosing the best toilet tissue dispensers for your facility is an important decision and should include the type of material that is best suited to your needs. Most commercial dispensers are made from either plastic or metal. While plastic is easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from, metal dispensers are more durable and can resist damage from chemicals, water, or heat. There are also combination dispensers that allow your customers to access toilet tissue, toilet seat covers, waste receptacles, and feminine hygiene receptacles. If you have any questions or would like help finding the best solution for you, please contact a member of the team for further assistance.

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