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Hand Dryer Maintenance

Most facilities managers and business owners intuitively know that hand dryers require regular cleaning to ensure sanitary conditions for patrons and to reduce microbial transfer as well as contact-contamination. However, hand dryer maintenance is a less publicized concern for business owners. Brendan Koerner weighs the environmental costs associated with electric hand dryers as opposed to paper towels in an article he wrote for Slate. He claims that the average hand dryer life cycle is approximately seven to 10 years. Although your investment can last up to a decade, any devices used regularly are bound to accrue wear and tear or, worse, defective mechanisms.

Hand dryer maintenance is one of the main responsibilities of any business owner or employee responsible for servicing an establishment’s public restrooms. Most automatic or push-button hand dryers include installation and maintenance guides to ensure adequate use and prevention of failure. Although maintenance requirements will vary from model to model, most commercial air dryers require professional upkeep at regular intervals. Before performing any maintenance or service to your unit, turn the electrical power supply off. The dryer must not be operated unless the cover is in place. For units with interior cabinets, manufacturers recommend removing the cover at least once every six months. Using a small brush or vacuum, you should carefully clean out any dust or lint from the interior.

Interior components are very important to hand dryer maintenance. Motor brushes should be replaced if worn to less than half an inch, but many warranties cover motor brushes for up to several years. According to CleanLink, the premier online resource for the professional cleaning industry, some dryer units require regular cleaning of filters, emptying of water collection units, and routine cleaning with a towel and water.

Most commercial hand dryers, especially newer generation models, require very little maintenance throughout the product lifespan. However, minimal hand dryer maintenance can help prolong the quality of your investment and ensure an adequate hand-drying method for any patron that uses your facilities. If you have any questions about this article, please contact a member of the team today.

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