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Hand Dryers for Schools

According to the Schools and Staffing Survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, American children and adolescents spend an average of one thousand hours in school each academic year. It is for this reason that public restrooms play an important role in the academic experience and protection of health. While antibacterial soap is an essential in any public or bathroom or facility, hand dryers are equally important in reducing contamination and limiting the transfer of disease-causing bacteria or microbes. When it comes to choosing hand dryers for schools, it will be important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to certain models, materials, and operational designs.

Considerations When Selecting Hand Dryers for Schools:
• Volume: Hand dryers are an ideal alternative to paper towels, because of budgetary restrictions and the concern for littering. Investing in equipment that can stand up to constant use is paramount to the efficacy of your hand drying and hygiene promotion.
• Hygiene: A study conducted by researchers at the Department of Medicine at the University of Auckland suggests that bacterial translocation decreased progressively when drying with an air system.
• Vandalism: Many hand dryers feature cast iron covers for extra security and porcelain coatings that are virtually scratch-proof. Other popular coatings include stainless steel and aluminum, but you should research the maintenance and cleaning requirements to calculate labor costs associated with prolonging product life.

Schools with higher student populations can save money and energy by investing in automatic hand dryers. These models provide efficient hand drying to students due to their coiled nickel chrome heating elements that feature thermal overload switches and two balanced fans for optimum drying coverage. Another concern for most school administrators is the noise level. Noisy hand dryers can certainly cause disruptions to the flow of a classroom or lecture, but technology is constantly advancing and quiet hand dryers are being manufactured to meet academic expectations. Push button hand dryers are another reliable source when it comes to choosing hand dryers for schools, but health studies and the possibility of contamination may affect your decision. Automatic hand dryers are preferred because they can be operated hands-free, eliminating the transfer of germs and bacteria.

Keep your students and staff safe by investing in quality hand dryers for schools. If you have any questions about this guide or would like help finding the best solution for your facility, please contact a member of the team for further assistance.

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