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High Chair and Booster Seat Storage

When you own and operate an establishment that serves families with small children, high chairs and booster seats are an amenity that most customers have come to expect. Although most models are designed with antimicrobial protection and the necessary safety features, high chair and booster seat storage is a challenge that many restaurants, theaters, salons, and other establishments face. Although booster seats are certainly ergonomic and offered in stackable varieties, they can still present a bit of an issue for facilities with limited available space. High chairs, on the other hand, are typically tall and bulky. Deciding on the best child seating solution for your facility may depend heavily on the storage allowance your establishment provides.

High chair and booster seat storage will play an important role in your decision to supply seating solutions to families with small children or infants. Adequate storage is dependent on the material of the high chair you choose. Many modern models are constructed from hardwood, cherry wood, and other popular furniture woods. Wooden furniture is very susceptible to cracks and scratches, so it is essential that your establishment provides ample space so that wooden high chairs avoid contact with other fixtures and appliances. High chairs made from wood can contract in colder temperatures and expand in warmer temperatures. Shrinking and expanding can cause cracks or deformations that can lessen the appeal or potentially affect the integrity of the structure. Booster seats made of nonporous molded plastic, polyethylene, or polypropylene do not require many special storage accommodations.

Storing your booster seats and high chairs in a climate-controlled area will prevent any damage or product stress due to humidity or clutter. Infant cradles are an ideal alternative for establishments that are limited on high chair and booster seat storage space. These cradles can fit virtually all infant seats being manufactured and can collapse to conserve space for storage in closets, corners, and behind reception desks or hostess stations. If you have any questions about this article or would like assistance finding the best solution for your family-friendly establishment, please contact a member of the team.

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