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How to Clean and Maintain High Chairs

Any establishment that offers high chairs to their guests is aware of the statistical risks associated with seating children so high off the ground. Approximately 37% of the diagnoses associated with high chairs pertain to head injuries, but less is known about the transfer of disease-causing bacteria. High chairs are excellent amenities to offer your patrons, but knowing how to clean and maintain high chairs will help prevent the risk of common colds or severe illnesses. High chairs can encounter dozens or hundreds of children per day. According to an article written by the Daily Mail, teams from Microban took swab samples from high chairs in 30 different restaurants and found that, on average, the population of bacteria on a high chair was 147 per square centimeter. The population of bacteria found on the average public toilet seat pales in comparison, with just eight found per square centimeter. To help you keep your littlest customers safe, we offer several tips and cleaning guidelines for your establishment’s high chairs.

Learning how to clean and maintain high chairs can depend upon the manufacturer’s guidelines or the primary material used in their construction. Microban’s director of technical affairs, Nicholas Moon, also told the Daily Mail that their swab studies varied considerably. Although some high chairs were considerably clean, other seats had concentrations of bacteria as high as 1,200 per square centimeter. Performing a daily wipe down schedule with a wet rag or nontoxic cleaning wipe ensures that each high chair in your establishment is free from spills or stains. Many high chair models feature removable trays that are dishwasher-safe, and they should be cleaned routinely to make your high chair surfaces more sanitary.

If your establishment’s high chairs have hardened food spots, they can be cleaned using a nontoxic cleaning solution, vinegar, or mild dish soap with water. Hard surfaces are not the only high chair component that requires consistent cleaning to reduce bacteria and prevent germs from spreading. Koala Kare, one of the leading suppliers of child seating solutions and high chairs, recommends regular cleaning and sanitization using a non-abrasive cleaner. With most Koala models, you should avoid using bleach because it can cause discoloration. Learning how to clean and maintain high chairs is essential to providing a safe environment for customers with small children. If you have any questions about this cleaning guide or would like assistance deciding on the best solution for your facility, please contact a member of the team today.

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