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How to Get the Most from Your Hand Dryers

If you own an office, restaurant, or establishment that provides restrooms to guests, hand-drying methods are essential for improving sanitation and preventing bacterial contamination. Although paper towels are convenient and effective at drying hands, the amount of waste that your customers can produce is staggering. Hand dryers are preferred for reducing contact and microbial transfer as well as their ecological efficiency. When choosing a hand dryer for your public restroom, most business owners or facilities managers weigh speed, efficiency, noise level, design, and cost before making a final decision. Once you have made your investment, there are several methods to optimizing the life cycle of your investment so you can save on maintenance, service, and utility costs for years to come. Join us as we discover how to get the most from your hand dryers.

On average, hand dryers last approximately seven to 10 years. CleanLink is a top resource for the professional cleaning industry, and they’ve published several articles regarding how to get the most from your hand dryers. Top advice from facilities managers reiterates regular cleaning and inspection. Cleaning personnel should be instructed to clean each unit’s sensor. The beam that reflects the user’s motion, signals, and triggers the machine to start drying can be obstructed by accumulated debris. In time, patrons may find it difficult to trigger the automatic hand dryer with their motions. Routine wiping can help managers and business owners avoid premature deterioration.

Another method for how to get the most from your hand dryers is by regularly clearing out the hand dryer’s air passage to reduce the build-up of dust or other impediments. Many of the newest hand dryers offer high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that are nearly 99.9% or more effective at sifting certain particles and microorganisms. These upgrades improve the quality of the air passing through the hand dryer beyond the normal washroom environment and will capture some bacteria and viruses.

Newer hand dryers will require minimal maintenance, but routine inspection is highly recommended once every year for light- to medium-duty restroom traffic. Heavy traffic will warrant frequent inspection of exterior and interior components. If your hand dryer model operates with an air filtration feature, you should replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you have any questions about how to get the most from your hand dryers or need help finding the right hand dryers for your business, feel free to contact a member of the team.

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