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Recessed and Regular Toilet Tissue Dispensers Comparison

Apart from working toilets and private lavatories, patrons require a means to safely use your public facilities. In this recessed and regular toilet tissue dispensers comparison, we will review the range of factors involved in choosing the best solution for your unique establishment in addition to the advantages or disadvantages associated with either design preference. Compliance is paramount when choosing any appliance or fixture for your commercial bathroom.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets strict guidelines for accessibility in designing any type of commercial restroom space. ADA guidelines prefer standard toilet paper holders or roll-type dispensers without controlled delivery compared to folded tissue dispensers because they require a finger pinching action that will be limiting for individuals with fine motor skill limitations or other differing abilities. Standard toilet tissue rolls should be mounted with their forward edge no more than 36" (915mm) from the back wall and their horizontal centerline at least 19" (485mm) above the finish floor.

To help you make the most informed decision, our recessed and regular toilet tissue dispensers comparison must take into account the form and function of either design. Recessed toilet tissue dispensers minimize protrusion and risk of obstruction. These models are also advantageous for facilities concerned with vandalism. The recessed installation requires a framed rough wall opening that limits opportunities for tampering or theft. Most recessed toilet paper dispensers can be serviced by unlocking the receptacle with a provided key. Surface-mounted varieties are designed to be slim and compact, though their surface areas are more exposed to contamination and human contact, resulting in frequent cleaning and maintenance needs that could increase costs associated with labor or expendable products. Surface-mounted toilet paper dispensers offer the advantage of holding more standard rolls than recessed alternatives, allowing you to save on costs between replenishments depending on the regularity of use.

In a report by CleanLink, an information resource for sanitary supply distributors and cleaning professionals, findings show that the toilet seat is one of the more sanitary objects in a commercial bathroom. In fact, toilet spray and plume are more common occurrences of contamination and your toilet tissue appliances should be chosen to prevent health risks. Keep your guests and employees safe by selecting the appropriate model for your facility.

If you have any questions regarding our recessed and regular toilet tissue dispensers comparison, please contact a member of the team for further assistance.

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