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Selecting Paper Towel Dispensers

Apart from working toilets and urinals, patrons require a means to wash and dry their hands to prevent the transfer of germs and microbes. Although most business owners may think that hand dryers are the ecological choice, recent studies prove that paper towels are more hygienic. According to microbiologists at the University of Westminster in London, tests and research suggest that hot air dryers dispersed more than 190 times more viruses than paper towels. Furthermore, many commercial paper towels are manufactured from well-managed timberlands and trees are replenished after harvest. Your final decision should be made carefully according to areas where infection prevention is paramount. Ensure that your establishment is equipped and ready for customers, patients, or patrons by joining us as we explore the options available when selecting a paper towel dispenser.

Selecting a paper towel dispenser may seem insignificant compared to other startup costs, but choosing the right one can be affected by your budget for consumable costs, user preference, and accessibility. The first step to discovering which type of paper towel dispenser will be best for your kitchen, restroom, or healthcare establishment is deciding where the dispenser will be installed so you can choose the mounting style and type of dispenser that best suits the installation process. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that paper towel dispensers shall be installed at a height of 48 inches, maximum, to the highest operable part to remain accessible to patrons in wheelchairs.

Surface-mounted or recessed paper towel dispensers free up counter space for essential appliances and amenities in public bathrooms and restaurant kitchens that have a limited amount of space. These models also prevent paper towel waste by eliminating the risk of customers or employees accidentally soaking a countertop dispenser as they fiddle with the soap and the faucet. Countertop dispensers work well for restrooms areas that are spacious in design.

Another fundamental step to selecting a paper towel dispenser involves the kind of paper towel you would prefer to invest in. Certain models can only dispense standard rolls, folded towels, perforated rolls, or center-pull rolls. Standard rolls and center-pull rolls are reliable for facilities or kitchens that expect a lot of traffic, whereas perforated and folded rolls are best for countertop models and cleaning up spills. If you have any questions about this buying guide or would like assistance deciding on the best solution for your facility, please contact a member of the team today.

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